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Reveal: June | Litha Boxes

The Sabbath of Midsummer, Litha, is finally here. 

We can't wait to reveal what's inside of our Litha-themed boxes this month! With the goodies inside of June's boxes, you will have the opportunity to truly celebrate the Midsummer Solstice and the power of the sun. This year, Litha is celebrated on June 21st. Practices and rituals will be inspired by summer's bliss, warmth, sun, and fire. 

Sweet, sweet summer is upon us! Our two subscription boxes, Essentials and Wheel of the Year, provide unique tools and goodies for you to celebrate this season. All of the items have been thoughtfully chosen for this specific Sabbat. Make ready for longer days and shorter nights with inspiration from our various products this month. 

Check out what's inside! 

Essential and Wheel of the Year both include: 

  • A half-ounce of delicate french lavender flower evokes serenity, silence, and calmness to enjoy during mediation.
  • Honeysuckle incense - a sweet, summer-inspired incense that attracts prosperity and blessings.
  • Loose tiger eye gemstone beads - beautiful beads that are wonderful for jewelry making and DIY projects.
  • Yellow, green, and blue chime candles for rituals and candle magick. The color blue is for peace, yellow is for clarity, and green is for prosperity and abundance.
  • A multi-colored sun tote bag that celebrates the power of the Midsummer solstice and the lively colors it represents.
  • A four-inch white copal smudge stick (mountain sage and white copal resin). Bound to cleanse the spirit and stimulate creativity. 

The Summer Soulstice Wheel of the Year box will have these amazing additions: 

  • Amber Resin – This resin is finest #1 grade resin. Light, floral and sweet tones make it perfect for burning on aroma lamps, using while meditation or for love spells, including self love.
  • Dragon wood incense holder - a decorative piece to hold and burn your favorite incense sticks in.
  • An elegant, decorative blue tea towel with a beautiful butterfly moth design. Perfect for any kitchen or washroom. 

We are so excited for you to try these out this month! Happy Litha - we hope many new blessings come your way!

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