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Reveal: April / Beltane Boxes

Hello, April. We're glad you're finally here. 

We are ecstatic to share with everyone what's included in this month's boxes! We might be partial, but we really do believe in offering monthly spiritual tools to collect and try out. There's no better way of broadening your practices with a variety of fresh finds. Each month, you'll discover encouraging self-care products and knick-knacks to nurture yourself and your well-being. 

Well, where do we begin? Ahh, yes. With our two new epic collections: Essential and Wheel of the Year. Though each box contains the same products, WOTY has a few extras inside. We've centered our WOTY box around the eight Sabbats: The four earth festivals and the four solar festivals. Okay, okay! We know you're eager to check them out!

See what's inside!

Essential and Wheel of the Year include:

  • Brown, red, and pink chime candles. Our relaxing variety of colors are perfect for your ritual works and spell casting. Burn the candle each day at the same time for a specific amount of time, or until they burn all the way out. Remember: Don’t blow the candle out unless you want to get rid of your intended purpose.
  • Hem vanilla incense sticks. Purge your space of negative energy and create a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Aluminum square incense holder copper - Flower of Life. Functional, yet beautiful. A gentle symbolization of creation and unity. 
  • Smudge stick mini yerba santa with a statice and mullein bundle. Set boundaries, embrace growth, focus on healing, and cleanse with empowering aromatherapy. 
  • Good luck elephant t-light holder. A charming piece to welcome good favors and fortune.
  • Spirit-in-nature essence - 1/2 ounce cherry essence. Breathe deeply and bring a cheerful, optimistic, and lighthearted attitude towards the world. 

It doesn't end there for our Wheel of the Year box.


Peep the exclusive extras...

  • 8mm Reconstituted Malachite bracelet. Recognized as the stone of travel and transformation that helps to cleanse all the chakras. 
  • Gemstone chip bottle necklace - rose quartz with healing hand. Calls on the Eternal Spirit's healing forces and connects with the heart healing crystal to bring healing, love, and calmness.
  • Wall hanging carpet mystic owl. Enhance your personal and sacred space for your emotional and physical journey. 
  • Black and round velvet cushion with an embroidered flower of life. A cozy meditation seat to help you be in the present moment and shift your focus.

Each product in our subscription boxes is thoughtfully chosen - some of which harness the powerful energies of entities near and far. If you haven't yet signed up, delve into magick and start your journey here

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