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Peep it: August Subscription Boxes

August, Lammas, Harvest. A time and season of creativity, harvesting, vitality, and appreciation. Not being biased, but this has to be one of the best times of the year. The weather, the energy... there's something special about it - and we can't wait to celebrate it with our latest products inside of our two boxes for this month! 

When we start planning on products that make up our boxes, it's extremely important that we are influenced by the month and/or special occasion it falls under. Take a look for yourself - pure bliss!

This month, BOTH boxes include these marvelous products:

Essentials and Wheel 

Dragon's Blood T-Lite Candles | - Though they are t-lite candles, they have a remarkable burn time of up to four hours for aromatherapy. Let your senses indulge in its sweet, amber-like scent.  

Blue Sage + Red Abalone Shell | An abalone shell is incredibly durable and robust. The one in your box is gorgeous with a mesmerizing red undertone. Simply use your new shell as a smudging bowl to hold your smudge and capture the ashes during your practice. 

Auroshikha Gum Benzoin Resin Incense Sticks | Natural, high-grade ingredients only. This is great to purify the atmosphere and the energy around you and helps during meditation practices and concentration. 

Moon Goddess Poster | Decor, anyone? Of course! Full of history and known by many. The Goddess is the magickal protector of women and fertility. It's said she was the creator of time. Even ancient calendars were based on moon phases, thanks to the Moon Goddess. 

Love Bath Salts | Relax in a steamy, warm bath with ritual salts charged for love. These are aromatherapeutic and created to encourage positive energy within and around you. During your bathtime, think positive thoughts only. Dissolve away any and all negative thoughts lurking in your mind. 

EXCLUSIVELY... in the Wheel box:

Sitting Tara Mini Statue | A beautiful mini statue of Tara, a Buddhist goddess. She protects, guides, and enlightens. 

Water Buffalo Tooth | Decorate with it in your space, tote it with you in a charm bag, or choose to wear it. Regardless of how you decide to use it, it grants you strength and stamina.

Silvertone Various Anklets | Seriously, the cutest anklets!  Each one has different charms dangling from them. Hearts, Clowns, and more! Which one you get will be a great surprise! 

Coffin Nails | These have been used for thousands and thousands of years in various forms of ritual magick and are the most powerful of all nails. There are endless positive spells where you can use them. Some uses include ending addiction and bad habits, disputes with others, and evil within yourself. 

Graveyard Dirt | A close connection and link with ancestors and spirits and often used in spells. Sprinkle some around your magickal circle, store with your tarot cards to communicate with the dead, dust some at crossroads to symbolize needing clarity of crossroads of your life, or bury it with a symbol (ex: a wedding ring, a picture, etc.). 

We can't wait for you to finally get your hands on these! As always, blessings. We hope this month brings you clarity, peace, and immense happiness. 

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