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October Sabbat Boxes | Samhain

Samhain Blessings! 

October, we are so ready for you. With Samhain quickly approaching, we have a few amazing boxes to reveal this month. Looking back at this past year, I just wanted to take some time out to say how much I appreciate my customers. Without you, there would be no Soulstice Shoppe. I set up goals this year and reached those. My subscription boxes are near and dear to my heart, and I hope that you can tell I worked diligently every single month. It's not just a job - it's a passion. 

I hope this month, you reflect and realize all that you have accomplished, too. I hope you get an insightful glimpse past the veil to your ancestors or someone you loved dearly. It's a time to rest and recuperate. If you are missing someone, take that sadness and transform it into comfort while gently going into this new year. 

As we pass into the dark season, my wish for you is strength, peace, wellness. 

Now, I am amped up to share what's inside of the Samhain boxes! I hope these set you on the right path. With so many options out there, I slimmed it down to meaningful items you will cherish. I hope you enjoy these magickal curated boxes! 

Take a look at what both our boxes feature this month: 

Essential & Wheel of the Year 

Sage sweetgrass smudge stick - A super sweet, vanilla-like aroma - hint the name. Smudge your space or ritual tools for cleansing and purification. It provides healing and renewal to those looking for comfort, peace, and hope. 

Rhodonite gemstone pendulum - Become confident and realize your self-worth with the help of rhodonite. It will help shape you into a fearless individual, all while bringing you emotional healing and forgiveness towards others. 

Mugwort - Like most, we've all had to come to realize difficult truths before. Mugwort will help you with that. This visionary herb will enhance your psychic vision and protect you from bad luck. 

Tibetan rope incense | patchouli - An intense, earthy, and powerful aroma to indulge in. Patchouli is a classic that helps to release you from stress and depression.  

Black, gold, & silver spell candles -

Black: Restriction, limitation, binding, secrecy, or the protection/reversing of curses.

Gold: Creativity, solar activity, and the Sun God. In money spells, it could be used for fortune or luck.

Silver: The moon, Moon Goddess, balance, neutralization, and protection. 

Curious as to know what's exclusively inside of the Wheel box? These items are bonuses inside: 

Wheel of the Year Poster - A little something-something for you all. I hope this lovely poster brings motivation for your New Year as you celebrate each Sabbat! 

Samhain - Llewellyn's Sabbat Essential book on all-things Samhain. You'll discover recipes, rituals, and lore this Halloween. 

Sassafras cut - In magick, it is often used as a positive power source for psychic intuition and power, good luck and fortune, and success. 

Bat heart root - No worries, absolutely no bats were harmed. Carry this with you in a small green tote and anoint with oil. It will bless you with good luck and stop evil.

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