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Monthly Themed Boxes | November & Mixed Cauldron

Happy New Year, friends! 

I hope this next year brings you adventure, answers, and happiness. This month, I curated my two boxes with essential tools to help grow your spiritual path. My wish for you is a soaring love life (or more self-love!), the victory of personal goals, release from negative stress in your life, and a stronger connection with the universe. 

My advice - start spending more alone time meditating. It’s so important. Why? It works wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Sometimes, concentrating is difficult. It can be hard to set a mood and sit still. But, if you aren’t relaxed, you can’t focus on goals, intentions, and self-purpose. If you’re finding it hard to find time to meditate, try setting your alarm a tad bit earlier in the mornings. Even if it’s five minutes, it’s five minutes more to wake up and get in control. Take deep breaths - in and out, slowly. Give yourself grace, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Stay faithful to it, as it’s not an instant miracle worker. Find it peaceful and not like work. 

With that note, I’m ecstatic to share the goodies inside my subscription boxes this year: Essentials and Wheel of the Year. Let these be tools to empower yourself and take you to new heights this month. Ready to check them out? 

Both Essentials & Wheel of the Year 

Angel Light Magic Dust | Attract guidance and abundance in your life with a sprinkle of magic dust. Sprinkle around your front door or on window sills, four corners in a room, or to anoint candles during mediation or rituals. 

Agate - Black & White Bracelet | A gorgeous bracelet that brings balance and tranquility. Regardless if you are struggling with mental health or just everyday stress, wearing this piece of jewelry is beneficial to help you cope and find peace. 

Red Cinnamon Pyramid Candle | Candles are powerful tools to help set intentions, release or attract energy, and utilize the element of fire. The use of this strong red candle will bring love, romance, and help strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Ready to put the flame back into your love life?

Loose Amethyst Gemstone Beads | A powerhouse stone holding so many benefits for your practice. It serves as a protection against hostile spirits and energies and helps your intuition. Whenever you’re in a situation where important decisions need to be made, cherish these beads, as they will help aid meditation and your second sight. 

Peppermint & White Sage | White sage serves as a cleansing tool of any negative energy or evil spirit in your ritual space, like in your home. Peppermint is a powerhouse cleanser that is quite potent when used for protection, release, and renewal. The enticing aroma is refreshing, crisp, and soothing for the soul. Simply ignite the tip and take it room to room while it burns, or freely burn in a bowl. 

Goddess of Earth Triple Moon Wood Altar Spoon | Set this spoon upon your altar or somewhere safe in your kitchen. It is handy to have for mixing and smooshing herbs and spices. If you like to make small bottle potions, this is perfect for helping do so. It is a charming spoon with the triple moon phases and the Goddess of Earth. 

Woods | Incense with a unique sandalwood fragrance to relieve stress and boost your mood. It can serve as a slight reminder to embrace nature and cherish it. Use it around your home to connect with the divine source, and purify your space. 

Exclusively for my Wheel subscribers… 

Lemon Balm Cut | The magickal properties of lemon balm, or Melissa Officinals, attributes happiness, love, renewal, and healing and can be associated with the Moon, femininity, and elements of water. Harness these powers by adding the cuts to your potions, amulets, and sachets. If you worship Diana, it is said to be a great offering to this Goddess. 

Aromatic Bath Herbs | A mixture of dried herbs used for any spell or ritual work. It brings the magic and power of the number 13, with 13 different herbs to aid with your intentions. This will help with hex removal and help with reversing misfortune. 

Palmistry Burner | A flat incense burner displaying the Sun and the Moon. If you aren’t sure what palmistry is, some people can read a person’s future and fortune by reading the lines in their palm. 

Agate Altar Tile | Tiles that represent some of the beautiful colors of Mother Nature. Place this as decoration or coasters on your altar. Provides energy vibrations and are simply stunning. 

Happy November to all. As the leaves on the trees begin to fall, the birds fly south for Winter, and the days grow colder and shorter; take it as a reminder to slow your pace and simplify your lives. Check back soon for the latest good reads on my blog for my inspiring and spiritual conversations. 

Blessed Be!

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