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Lughnasadh | 2021 Sabbat Box Reveal

It's almost time to celebrate and give thanks for the first harvest here in the Northern hemisphere! Around August 1st, crops such as barley, wheat, corn, and other grains will be harvested. It's a beautiful time of year where we can get together with loved ones, host potlucks and bonfires, bake bread, share stories, and head to the markets. 

August 1-2 - The midpoint between summer and fall 

Summer days are dwindling down; thus, the power of Lugh begins to decline during this time. It's time to recognize the manifestation of our intentions and express gratitude. We are thrilled to present this month's boxes combined with items to help honor Lughnasadh! 

Here's what we have in both boxes:

Essentials and Wheel:

Pure Basil Essential Oil: A warm, comforting scent to stimulate and cleanse your mind. Use a carrier oil or witch hazel to use topically on joints or as a therapeutic massage.

Salmon Spirit Animal - A dolomite stone carved in the shape of a salmon fish representing prosperity, abundance, and renewal. A charming trinket to add to any altar space.

Ginger Spice Incense - Embrace a refreshing aroma that will help give you an uplifting sense of well-being and that soothes your mind. Also ideal for spells that incite desire or love. 

Cedar Smudge Wand - Easy to use for any purification practices and cleansing ceremonies. Eliminate negative energies in your area and home, all while protecting yourself. 

Kamini Aloe Vera Soap - Natural soap with a gentle scent that cleanses your skin designed to make bathing relaxing and sensual. Perfect for moonbaths! 

Spell Candles - In colors gold, brown, and orange. Orange spell candles can manifest success, independence, and stamina; brown spell candles can manifest rebirth and renewal; and gold manifests power, abundance, and peace. All of which are perfect to use during Lughnasadh. 

Our exclusive Wheel of the Year box features unique extras this month! Be sure to take a peep: 

Bamboo Flute - A natural flute made from bamboo that connects you with nature and leads you to spiritual thoughts. Music is another way to express your emotions directly to the universe.  

Coconut Karimbu - Try something new and learn to play magical music on a lovely thumb piano! It is known to raise energy vibrations in your sacred area and enhance your practice. 

Yellow Sandalwood Powder - Powder produced from a sandalwood tree that instills love, protection, healing, and cleansing as it elicits a quiet mind. Be careful and burn it in a fire-safe dish with charcoal.  

Cut Goldenrod - Used commonly in money or love spells, and prosperity magic, as it attracts spiritual and energetic benefits. 

It’s going to be an amazing Lughnasadh, friends. Celebrate your victories that you’ve worked so hard for. We wish you all the best!

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