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The Effects of the New Moon

When understanding the effects of the New Moon and how it can impact our mental and physical wellbeing, we must first understand that the moon has control over living beings and the tides of the ocean. It's well known that the moon influences all life itself and our emotions. 

The New Moon phase transpires when the nights are dark, but the natural light of celestial articles and stars illuminates upon us. We cannot observe the moon in the sky during this time - it is completely blended into the darkness and is invisible to the naked eye. The moon carries various energies at different times of the month, with the cycle being approximately 28 days. It will go through a new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and finally a waning moon. 

The Significance 

During the New Moon, we can set new intentions or goals. They happen once a month and signifies a new cycle - think of it as a fresh start or reset. The energy usually connected with the New Moon is faith, clarity, and trust. Of course, not all New Moons are the same. You may experience these emotions during some, but you may also feel determination and motivation for new beginnings. It's completely normal to feel a lack of direction, which is perfectly fine, too. Every New Moon is an encouraging phase and provides time for you to understand your feelings, what you are currently going through in life, and what you aim for in terms of aspirations and intentions. 

A time for new beginnings & cleansing 

The New Moon is a powerful opportunity for a fresh start. It is a peaceful time of the month, allowing us to say goodbye to negative things holding us back. In a time of darkness, we can shift our focus on goals with fewer distractions. If you aren't in tune, you might miss the opportunities it brings; possibly leaving you feeling stuck and affecting you in other negative ways. 

Casting & Setting Intentions 

Directly asking the universe for what exactly you want is an excellent practice. Dig deep into your heart. What is it that you long for? You don't have to have a clear answer, but instead, be willing to explore your true desires. 

Start by setting aside time each month for the New Moon. Focus on the purpose of your ritual. Be sure to set your altar or space to clear your mind. It doesn't have to be complicated and can be anywhere you feel at peace inside or outside your home. Gather your materials (essential oils, candles, stones, crystals, smudge, incense, music, or other helpful tools.) 

Shut off any electronics and tune out all distractions. Since Libra is parallel with the New Moon, perhaps choose a sweet pea, frankincense, or clementine incense. Clear your energetic space and cleanse away any negative energy. Call in and welcome all positive energy. Be in tune with your mind and body, and don't be afraid of moving your body however you wish 

“I call in all the positive energy and love. I welcome positive vibes into my space." 

Close your eyes, and when you are ready, take a deep, long breath. You'll start to feel relaxed. Spend some time focusing on your intentions and write, speak, draw, or sing these.

 Example of New Moon intentions:

I am guided to start a new hobby.

I am guided to obtain a job promotion.

I am guided to meditate every day.

This cycle I call in motivation.

This cycle I call in hope.

This cycle I call in confidence. 

Visualize your dreams that your listed coming true. If you have a deck of cards such as animal spirit cards or tarot cards, now would be the perfect time to pull one for guidance. Be sure to give the universe thanks and show gratitude for what you have now and what you will be given. End your session by mediating and burning your list away - allow the universe to handle it now. 

May this month be full of love, compassion, and bliss! 

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