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Harnessing The Full Moon's Energy

To make space for new, we have to let go of what is old. We set our intentions during the New Moon, and we release emotions and things that no longer serve us a purpose during the Full Moon. The Full Moon reflects the sun and shows us what we're holding onto. It becomes the perfect time to pay attention to what we need to release. As a small recap, the moon possesses different energies at different times of the month - a full moon being once a month. It occurs when the sun aligns with the moon, creating a beautiful full appearance of the moon. 

First Things First 

During the powerful Full Moon phase, start off by cleansing your space or mind. Prep your home by opening windows and cleaning your rooms in the house. Declutter and throw away anything you no longer need. Freshen your bedsheets and give them a great wash. Cleanse with smudge smoke or spritz of essential oil throughout it. This is one of the wonderful practices to take care of yourself, practice meditation, and brainstorm while getting something checked off your to-do list. Think about your goals, circumstances, and situations in your life. 


Have a cute clear jar at home? Excellent - let's put it to good use and create moon water! Before making moon water, cleanse your jar with smoke from her herbs, like mugwort. Fill up your container with water and leave it out at night for the moon to charge. Label it with a date, such as "Full Moon in Capricorn January 2021." Strengthen your intentions by adding in water-safe crystals, such as quartz, and thanking the universe for the opportunity to connect with the cosmos. 

Side note before adding crystals to your moon water jar: To heighten your intentions a step further, charge and set crystals by your window and let the moonlight shine down on them. 

Words Are Powerful 

Grid your space with any crystals that call out to you. Clean and prep your altar and get your journal out. Create a list of emotions and things that no longer serve a purpose to you and that you want to let go of. 

Here are ideas to write down:

  • Three things you're grateful for.
  • Three things you want to release.
  • Three things you'd like to amplify or manifest. 

Fold it up and let the universe know you are letting go of those things. If you're careful, set it on fire. Honestly, the flames can be relaxing to watch as you begin to let go of whatever is holding you down. Let go and let the universe do its job. 

Practice Selfcare 

The moon shares a special connection with water. It's apparent that our skin is most likely to absorb water and nutrients during the Full Moon, so it's said it's the best time to fill up a bath and relax. Create an ambient area with rose petals, music, candles, or incense - anything to heighten your senses. Draw a relaxing saltwater bath with a nourishing bath bomb, and maybe even a few crystals like moonstone or quartz. Combining a moon-charged crystal somewhere nearby can draw a more profound relaxation while you soak in your thoughts. 

Submerge yourself into your bath and take in all of the nutrients from the minerals in there, and allow those to detox and cleanse your body. This is a refreshing practice for your mind to settle and think clear thoughts. You will wash away negative energy during this releasing ritual and feel prepared to let go of negative energies. 

During this time of the month, ask yourself:

  • How is my career?
  • How are my relationships?
  • What is dragging me down?
  • How is my mental and physical health? 

Really tune in and ask yourself meaningful questions and what keeps you grounded. Honor your energy. If you're feeling active, get manifesting! If you're feeling zapped, indulge in yourself. Regardless, set time away during the Full Moon and meditate.

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