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Magickal Herbs 101: Angelica Root

Paracelsus, a German-Swiss physician in the 1400-1500s known for instituting the role of chemistry into science, notoriously called Angelica Root... Marvelous Medicine. 

Why, though? 

For hundreds of years, people have utilized Angelica Root in their lives for many reasons. It has a distinct, sweet smell and is occasionally used whereas the plant itself (not the seed, leaf, fruit, and root) is sometimes used in recipes. Holistic practitioners praise and acknowledge it for its ability to treat heartburn, stomachaches, circulation issues, runny nose, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. Today, we recognize Angelica Root as an offering to Archangel Michael during our practices - hence why it is also called the root of the holy ghost, carry it in an herbal tote for aromatic purposes, or even burn some to connect with spiritual guides. The root has good magickal properties for protection, healing, exorcism, hex breaking, psychic abilities, purification, and blessing. 

Your Practice 

When it comes to using any type of herb during your practice and rituals, the possibilities are almost boundless. Since Angelica Root is commonly used for protection and healing, think about your intentions and what you want to gain or lose from it. 

Ward Off Disease & Illness 

Start by cleaning your space and have a clean slate to start with. Choose a candle to dress with the root, preferably a black candle. Black candles are the most robust protectant candles out there. It wards off negative energy and acts as a light in the darkness. Furthermore, it's commonly used to fight illness, cure bad habits, and restore what we lack. Before you dress the candle or sprinkle the root around it, note that you can add other herbs, such as black pepper for protection, salt for cleansing, or chili for driving negativity away. Then, grind them together in a stone bowl and dress the candle. Recite a saying along the lines of, "Wards be strong; wards hold true. If you try to harm me, misfortune falls to you. Baneful wards, powerful you may be, send harm to any who attack me. Be gone." 

Protect Your Family & Children 

Carefully sprinkle the root in each corner of your home and recite aloud that no sinister energy is allowed in your home and is not welcome. This will help create a shield of protection and powerful barriers to keep evil entities away from you and the ones you love inside your home.  

Banish Negative Energy & Hexes 

An aura bath to protect your own energy field will create barriers and strengthen your energy against these types of weakening environments and break jinxes and curses. Be sure to be clear about your purpose of your ritual. Begin an effective bath filling a bowl with water and filling it with herbs, such as Angelica Root. Add charged water and/or essential oil to it as well. Light a candle and sink into your thoughts while you meditate. Think of your strengths and how negative energy is undesired in your auric field. As you do this, run a bath or shower while you pour this in or on you.

Spell Jars 

Ward off negative energy and attract positive ones. With a tiny jar, use a lighted incense stick to stick into the empty jar to cleanse it. Put a few drops of lavender oil for serenity and layer it with cloves for prosperity. Start the layering process with dried lavender for peace, lemongrass for truth, and Angelica Root for patience. Suppose you have labradorite in stock, perfect. Add that into the mix for protection, too. Finish it off with other essential oil drops, such as orange for joy or lemon for renewal. Charged moon water can be placed inside of it, if you'd like! With every ingredient you add to it, speak an intention with it. Without an intention, it's simply just an ingredient. Seal the miniature corkscrew with candle wax, maybe even a white candle for purity. Keep on you on the go or place on your altar! 

The Holy Grail 

Angelica Root reveals portals to higher connections with yourself and your thoughts. It enhances your intuition and powers, all while removing creative blockages. Honestly, it's one of my favorite herbs to place under in the corner of my pillowcase in a baggy for better sleep and lucid sweet dreams. I'm so excited for you all to try it out if you haven't yet. There are plenty of additional resources and books to try out Angelica Root properly and for different purposes.

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