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Jericho Flower: Elevating Your Practices

Using the Jericho Flower and watching the magic unfold

The revival flower, the flower that never dies, the Rose of Jericho, the dinosaur plant. Whatever you choose to call it, it's simply amazing. 

What is it, exactly, you might ask? 

It's a type of spike moss that is said to bring peace, love, power, and abundance into your home. The spirit of the Jericho Flower contains ancient mystic properties ... . even after it has apparently succumbed to death. This mysterious plant teaches us and serves as a reminder that even during times of drought and hopelessness, we are indeed alive and that there is always hope. Just like the flower, if we, too, are given the proper nourishment and loving energy, we can understand the fullness of our gifts. Also, it's quite common to hear of people practicing love and money spells with it. 

Good Vibes Only 

Before you immediately place the flower into water, start by meditating with it in your hands to set intentions and feel the plant's energy. It starts off as a small, dry ball - but once it is placed in water, it completely awakens and comes back to life! Using a combination of moon water, rainwater, and/or mountain spring water (beware of saltwater!), place it into a bowl for several hours. Watch the beautiful transformation unfold right before your eyes. 

Gentle reminder: Be sure to replace the flower's water every day. Instead of throwing out the used water, cleanse yourself before ritual or spell work. Perhaps give it a go and use it to wash your floors and doorways, anoint candles, water for other house plants, and cleanse other spaces around you. 

Setting Intentions of Prosperity 

Before ever beginning, cleanse the Jericho Flower energetically with Frankincense smoke. If you want to use a protection spell over your home, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take it on a tour around your spaces. 

Tap it into the empty dish and tap it over the dish and get the loose crumbs off - keep those! Save them for later and mix them with magical oils to use. By placing coins or crystals in the water before adding in the flower, think deeply of what intentions you want to set with prosperity and good fortune. Then, set the plant upfront in the water and make sure it covers the roots on the bottom. It will start to bloom and change its color, meaning it's ready to work with. 

Since this plant is all about birthing and rebirthing, it will use its power to attract, such as more prosperity or happiness. So if your finances need to be brought back to life, this is a great way to do so. To make the most out of your Rose of Jericho, place it on your altar and crystals that are in line with your intentions. Using former crystals, go ahead and cleanse, charge, and program them. Then, with your flower opened up, place the crystals in there. You can also add a small token to it, such as natural crystal parts or natural citrine or coins (not pennies). Take it off your altar post ritual and allow it to dry and close up. Inside, it'll hold your possessions. This is where the rebirthing process comes along - take it back to your altar to water once more, where it blooms again with the things inside. It is going to have a potent rebirth energy in your space. 

Say your marriage is on the rocks, and you're no longer connecting like you used to - you want to have what you once had with your partner. A great way to rebirth and rekindle the relationship is to take a symbol from your marriage, such as a wedding ring, and use the same routine to resurrect your love. 

Now, it's entirely up to you if you want to let your flower go back into its dry ball or keep it alive. Some people like to place their dry plants in a room's corner or near doorways to allow energy in. However, if you plan to keep it alive in the water, just remember the helpful tips above in this article on daily water changes.

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